Can Women Try Their Hand in Welding? Find out How

For a long time, welding was tagged as a male-dominated sector. However, in the past decade, there is a reverse trend in the welding industry.

More women are not only taking up welding opportunities but are doing well in it.

Megan Nevill is one such woman who beat all odds to succeed in TIG welding.

According to Forbes, she defied all gender stereotypes to become a welder of choice in the United States.

Other successful women welders across the globe include

  • Florence DiTullio
  • Ericka Heckman
  • Alexandra Ivelva
  • Pa’Trice Frazier
  • Lena Dotsan

One thing about women is that once they venture into an industry, nothing stops them.

Moreover, their autonomy is such that they are wired to work with both sides of the brain, meaning their societal expectations aren’t compromised because of their newly found male-popular career.

With real-life examples of women who have done it in fabrication works, what can you do to follow the same path?

  1. Change your attitude and go for it

Remember, you are getting to an industry where you might be the only woman welder within your locality.

You have to develop shock absorbers to naysayers, gossipers, and people who want to bring you down. Develop a positive attitude and surround yourself with the people who believe in you.

Let them be your number one support systems. With that confidence, now get someone to hold your hand through the process.

  1. Enrol in physical or online training

Welding is a hands-on career that you have to be good at what you do. The results of your work are real-time.

Therefore, get someone to show you how the tools work the secrets in the business and how to overcome challenges.

You can choose to do it online or go for a physical training program.

Programs like Women who weld and weld like a girl are geared towards ensuring the women folk succeed in this trade skill.

When enrolling for the welding course, ensure the curriculum equips with all the skills such that you can do every process to become an all-rounded fabricator.

There is no need to spend your hard-earned money on the course only to become a half-baked welder who can’t be trusted with even the simplest of the metalwork projects.

  1. Create DIY projects to gain confidence

The only way to know that you are right in what you are doing is to start with DIY projects at home.

Try a metallic shoe rack or a flower vase with some creative designs. When people notice your projects’ uniqueness, it’s an indication you are on the right path.

It helps you to give you the much-needed confidence to start you off with your new career.

  1. Have a clear and measurable business plan

Use the skills at hand, a positive attitude, and all the confidence; to grow your passion or hobby to another level.

Why not get a few coins out of it? Think of starting a welding business. You can use your DIY projects as a display to prove the work of your hands to doubting customers.

Sit down and have a business plan as a guiding document in starting, growing, and maintaining the business. The plan should be realistic and measurable.

  1. Get all certifications

Let people not use any gap in the market to bring you down now that you succeed in the industry.

Women tend to be vulnerable to such, and when faced with challenges, they tend to use their emotions rather than logic.

Get all certification to avoid the long arms of the law.

  1. Open your doors for business

You have all it takes to open the welding shop. Some customers will come to you not because they know you, but they want to promote your hassle.

Fellow women will be your first customers; they believe in women empowerment.

In some cases, you may be overwhelmed by the number of people who want to follow your footsteps.

Use that as a business strategy- welding consultancy for women.

  1. Market your products and service to grow your brand

Starting a welding business is one thing, and maintaining is yet another hard task.

It’s time you spend the sleepless night thinking of the best way to grow your business. Listen to your customers.

Use digital technology marketing strategies to reach a broad audience, either locally or internationally.

Never get discouraged when going through teething problems in your business. Dust yourself and get up, ready to face any challenge that comes your way.

  1. Develop, maintain and grow the business based on demand

Once in business, you are miles ahead. There is no going back simply because you are a woman.

That is the state of mind.

With all these tips and examples of women who have gone that route, do you still doubt if you can’t succeed as a welder because you are a woman?